Searching for a new position can be a job in itself, oftentimes one filled with ups and downs and much more time than you anticipated. When it feels like you’re in a rut –seeing the same positions come across your screen over and over or not getting calls back when you know your skills match – it can be easy to feel stuck.

Here are five tips from a recruiter to help you move your job search forward and find the right position for you:

Update your profile.

Your skills and abilities are constantly growing and expanding so your profile should be too. Before you move forward, make sure you give your LinkedIn a thorough review to ensure all your information is accurate and up to date with descriptions and keywords relevant to your new search. Key words are especially critical as recruiters and hiring managers often use them on LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Just make sure the ones you use are tailored to your actual expertise and not solely what employers want.

Spruce up your resume.

The same idea for your profile should be applied to your resume. Even if you’ve found success with what you have, it’s essential to review everything again to ensure you’re putting forth the most updated and accurate version of yourself. Giving the look and feel a refresher is also not a bad idea. Pay close attention to spelling and grammar whenever you make changes though, as that can be an obstacle for any recruiter or potential employer giving you consideration.

Change things up whenever you apply to a new position.

Adaptation is the name of the game when it comes to demonstrating that you have the unique skillsets different employers want. Before you apply for any position, study the job description and make sure your resume and profile reflect the keywords and points stated within. Again, keywords are essential so make sure what you’re submitting reflects the points outlined in the job description. You want to show that you not only have the skills and abilities employers are searching for; your past experience reflects them as well.

Get help from a recruiter.

Professional recruiters are assets that should never be overlooked. Our experts are constantly working with companies and getting new jobs in from our clients. Even if we don’t have the perfect job for you, many times we have tips on where to look, what to change on your resume, and general help that can steer you in the right direction. It’s also always good to build relationships with people who are connected within the industry. You never know how they can help later on.

Network with people outside your circle.

Rather than scrolling through job post after job post, be proactive. Connect with hiring managers at companies you’ve been eyeing, reach out to recruiters and account managers on LinkedIn. Attending networking events or getting established with professional organizations in your local area can also be a great resource when it comes to connecting with potential employers. Whenever you’re on the hunt, the best step you can take is to put yourself out there.