3 Secrets to Hiring Your Toughest Positions

Although the concept of remote work has opened up the talent pool for employers searching for top tech talent, companies nationwide are still struggling to fill jobs from cybersecurity to AI and data science.

Hiring qualified candidates for those tough positions takes persistence, strategy, and maybe a few industry secrets. Here are three key points to help you hire your toughest positions.


Know the position. In order to fill a role, you first have to know the role. Then, you have to accurately communicate the ins and outs of that role to potential employees. Make sure that when you’re posting for traditionally tough-to-fill positions, include all of those details in your job description as well as some additional information your candidates will find compelling. Explain why the job is exciting, and provide some insight into your company culture and the environment they’ll be working in. It also wouldn’t hurt to include details or personality traits your ideal candidate would possess – also known as a candidate persona. Your job posting is, oftentimes, a candidate’s first impression of your company – make it a good one.


Sell the company’s reputation. It’s important to understand that you aren’t only selling the position; you’re selling your company and its reputation. Make sure you’re communicating to candidates that your stellar reputation is a draw for more than one reason. Not only does it mean they’ll be accepting an exciting position; they’ll also be accepting a position that will help them develop their career for years to come.


Network, network, network. The work truly never stops for an HR recruiter in the tech field, especially when it comes to finding top-notch candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Make sure you go above and beyond to network with professionals in your industry. Establish connections with up-and-coming talent – even if you aren’t currently searching for someone with their expertise, work with recruiters who have deeply rooted networks in the industry, and scour professional organizations in your area and beyond. Even if you don’t have the perfect fit for candidates now, keep them in your network. When the time is right, you’ll already have an established relationship to lean on.