Amy Balko, Office Manager

With her education in Art history and Psychology, Amy naturally thought about working in a museum or being an art therapist after she graduated. But, a move to San Diego, and a chance meeting with VIA Technical CEO Natalie Viani while they were both out walking their dogs, changed all that. Amy is able to apply her passion for creativity and connecting to people, each day in a position that utilizes both!

With Amy in the Office Manager role, the company runs very smoothly, and this is no small feat, given the diversity of situations and tasks that come up every day. What Amy appreciates about this is that, “… the culture at VIA helps cultivate a passion for whatever the task is, with the knowledge that ultimately, we’re all working toward one big goal. The owner is no exception; she gets her hands dirty like everyone else.”

But her favorite aspect of working with VIA is providing the best assistance she can to the talent VIA matches with companies. She’s on a mission to prove that working with a recruitment firm can and should be a wonderful experience for candidates and they are joining a group that truly cares for them.


Eau Claire, WI


Art History and Psychology – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Being the technical and operational “nerd” who figures out how to make everyone’s day run a little easier, and keep the ship running smoothly. From administrative duties, to accounting, to being the office “go-to,” she loves the variety of each day and being able to help.

Favorite Downtime Activities

Walking her fluffy white rescue pooch, “Milhouse” and giving equal time to her cat “Ferris.” She’s an animal lover and advocate for them in her volunteer work. In her off time, she loves reading biographies, exploring the city, and finding ways to be creative.

Her Words to Live By

“Successful people never ask if things will work; they’re always willing to try and find out.”