Deniz Cengiz, Technical Recruiter

Deniz has always been interested in technology and is passionate about interacting with others.  These two skillsets have helped her thrive as a Technical Recruiter. Her responsibilities include finding the right talent suited for the position by utilizing VIA’s proprietary database and using her innate ability to speak with others.

Being an “optimistic, humble, and honest person who finds happiness in the small things” is what contributes to her success at VIA.


Istanbul, Turkey


Bachelor’s in Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering


Connecting with people on a personal level while helping those people achieve their desired results

Favorite Downtime Activities

Boot Camp, painting, going on a hike and spending time with my dog.

Favorite San Diego Area Eatery or Bar

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse with a great sunset

Her Words to Live By

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” –Oscar Wilde