Industry Insight, a blog written by members of our team, provides perspective on trends we’re seeing in hiring practices, salaries, company culture, and a number of other topics that may affect you as an employer, or a candidate searching for a new position in the technical market.

  • 5 Strategies to Help You Break Into Tech With No Experience While tech jobs are not what they were at the start of 2020 when 25,300 jobs were added in the first two months, the good news is that businesses have now had time to evaluate their long- term tech needs and the types of candidates they need to fill them. Now more than ever, as companies look ... Read More +
  • Interviewing in a Virtual World: Tips to Stand Out from a Distance With social distancing efforts putting an unprecedented 42% of Americans working from home and another 33% unemployed, the days of in-person interviews are long gone – at least for the foreseeable future. In its place have come Zoom meetings and Google chats, where candidates interview in a virtual setting, free from the pleasantries of handshakes and ... Read More +
  • Here’s How Talent Acquisition Benefits from Partnering with A Recruiting Agency No matter your talent acquisition challenges, a recruiting agency can provide the resources and experience needed to make your recruitment efforts successful. Here’s how: Access more candidates. Working with a recruiting agency gives you access to their expansive network of talent. You’re able to find candidates you might have otherwise not known about or had access ... Read More +
  • 4 Ways to Prevent Stagnant Employees From Holding Your Company Back  As we mentioned in our last post, Building the Right Team (Link HERE), surrounding yourself with the right team is crucial for any manager or business owner. With capable people in the right roles, your company can run like a well-oiled machine. Ideally, your people work well together and lift each other up — creating ... Read More +
  • Building the Right Team With a combined 30 years of professional work experience, we have witnessed or have been a part of 100’s of teams.  There is a common theme throughout these highly functional “tight” teams that guide them. That theme is derived from the values of each team member, fostered and guided by leadership, and reinforced by the ... Read More +

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The representative I worked with was knowledgeable about the industry and incredibly personable, making every effort to understand what I was looking for and presenting opportunities as they came along. She helped me find an opportunity in a place that had everything I was seeking.

– Mars C., San Diego