Industry Insight, a blog written by members of our team, provides perspective on trends we’re seeing in hiring practices, salaries, company culture, and a number of other topics that may affect you as an employer, or a candidate searching for a new position in the technical market.

  • Why You Should Consider Your Online Profile as Part of Your Resume   Gone are the days of only needing a traditional resume to apply for a job or expand your professional network. Nowadays, like it or not, LinkedIn is a critical extension of what you have on paper. Whether you’re searching for a new position or you’re open to one, “having a detailed and search engine optimized LinkedIn ... Read More +
  • 5 Tips for Building Your Professional Network The old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” still rings true across multiple industry sectors – especially tech. Building and expanding your professional network can mean the difference in finding meaningful employment that matches your skillset and what you want in a company culture, and getting stuck in a position ... Read More +
  • Is Your Job Search Stuck? 5 Recruiter Tips to Move It Forward Searching for a new position can be a job in itself, oftentimes one filled with ups and downs and much more time than you anticipated. When it feels like you’re in a rut –seeing the same positions come across your screen over and over or not getting calls back when you know your skills match ... Read More +
  • 5 Things HR leaders are Focusing on During the Covid Recovery As an estimated 2.7 billion people impacted by lockdowns and stay-at-home measures begin to make their way back to work places, human resources leaders are facing unprecedented challenges involving safety, organizational restructuring, and turnover. In addition to priority No. 1 – ensuring employee health and safety – here are five issues leaders are keeping in mind ... Read More +
  • 4 Hiring Trends You Need To Know About In 2021 When the pandemic struck in early 2020, companies raced to adapt and accommodate remote work, and employee safety within a booming tech market. Now that many are looking to move back into their new way of normalcy, we are seeing many trends staying in place. Here’s what we are seeing in the market from clients, and ... Read More +

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The representative I worked with was knowledgeable about the industry and incredibly personable, making every effort to understand what I was looking for and presenting opportunities as they came along. She helped me find an opportunity in a place that had everything I was seeking.

– Mars C., San Diego