Industry Insight, a blog written by members of our team, provides perspective on trends we’re seeing in hiring practices, salaries, company culture, and a number of other topics that may affect you as an employer, or a candidate searching for a new position in the technical market.

  • How To Know When It’s Time To Move On   Leaving a position can be difficult for many reasons: loyalty to an employer, attachment to your team, even uncertainty surrounding the job search. Regardless of those difficulties, however, it’s better to recognize early when it’s time to move on. Staying too long can result in leaving on bad terms, which no professional needs to do.   Here ... Read More +
  • Tips on Evaluating a Resume with Employment Gaps     Tips on Evaluating a Resume with Employment Gaps There’s often negative stigma associated with candidates who have employment gaps on their resume. Skipping over qualified candidates because of those gaps, however, could be a significant mistake in today’s world where talent is in high demand. Here are some ways you can evaluate a resume fairly so that ... Read More +
  • How Does Inflation Affect Salary Negotiations?   With costs continuing to rise and purchasing power declining, inflation is taking its toll on almost every aspect of life – from routine purchases like buying groceries to major decisions like salary negotiations.   Although many companies are used to paying a premium for top technical talent, capital flows are tightening on non-profitable tech companies across the ... Read More +
  • 8 Tips for a Winning LinkedIn profile   It may be tempting to ditch all social media these days, but you can’t ignore the power of LinkedIn. Especially in tech, the platform is a powerful tool used by employers, recruiters, professionals and job seekers.   Engaging with it and using it to expand your network can make a huge difference in your ability to attract ... Read More +
  • Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process   In a job market where qualified talent is already difficult to find, time is of the essence – especially for candidates who are working full time and managing families while interviewing for multiple positions. In order to ensure good talent doesn’t move on before you seal the deal, you may need to consider streamlining your ... Read More +

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The representative I worked with was knowledgeable about the industry and incredibly personable, making every effort to understand what I was looking for and presenting opportunities as they came along. She helped me find an opportunity in a place that had everything I was seeking.

– Mars C., San Diego