Industry Insight, a blog written by members of our team, provides perspective on trends we’re seeing in hiring practices, salaries, company culture, and a number of other topics that may affect you as an employer, or a candidate searching for a new position in the technical market.

  • Tech Job Descriptions: What You Need To Know While the job market has continued to make a slower-than-expected recovery in nearly all other sectors, tech continues an upward trend – with companies throughout the United States searching for qualified candidates. That search, however, continues to be a challenge – especially in California — where everyone from data analysts to software engineers are highly ... Read More +
  • The 6 Things Employees Want Most From remote work to increased autonomy, the pandemic lifestyle has greatly changed what employees want – and in many cases, expect – from their employers.   While more companies and organizations are returning to in-office work or adopting a hybrid approach employee satisfaction and new norms have remained top of mind. And there’s good reason. In data ... Read More +
  • Why You Should Consider Your Online Profile as Part of Your Resume   Gone are the days of only needing a traditional resume to apply for a job or expand your professional network. Nowadays, like it or not, LinkedIn is a critical extension of what you have on paper. Whether you’re searching for a new position or you’re open to one, “having a detailed and search engine optimized LinkedIn ... Read More +
  • 5 Tips for Building Your Professional Network The old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” still rings true across multiple industry sectors – especially tech. Building and expanding your professional network can mean the difference in finding meaningful employment that matches your skillset and what you want in a company culture, and getting stuck in a position ... Read More +
  • Is Your Job Search Stuck? 5 Recruiter Tips to Move It Forward Searching for a new position can be a job in itself, oftentimes one filled with ups and downs and much more time than you anticipated. When it feels like you’re in a rut –seeing the same positions come across your screen over and over or not getting calls back when you know your skills match ... Read More +

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The representative I worked with was knowledgeable about the industry and incredibly personable, making every effort to understand what I was looking for and presenting opportunities as they came along. She helped me find an opportunity in a place that had everything I was seeking.

– Mars C., San Diego