Industry Insight, a blog written by members of our team, provides perspective on trends we’re seeing in hiring practices, salaries, company culture, and a number of other topics that may affect you as an employer, or a candidate searching for a new position in the technical market.

  • Tips to Improve Your Resume in 2022 Although where and how we work has changed drastically over the past 2 years with the rise of remote work and digital meeting spaces, there’s still no replacement for a good resume. No matter which position you are applying for, you still need a concise, professional resume to attract the attention of hiring managers. Here are ... Read More +
  • How to Identify a Fraudulent Candidate   For years, the tech market has been infiltrated by fraudulent candidates trying to wedge their way into the industry. As an employer, it can be challenging to spot authentic candidates over those faking skillsets for a variety of reasons. Although background checks may already be required at your company, it’s also always a good idea to ... Read More +
  • Pros + Cons of Temporary vs. Permanent Positions in Tech In the tech industry, more frequently than any other field, contract positions are more often the norm than the exception. Candidates often prefer 6-12 months of working on a specific project before moving on to a different role with a different employer.   Permanent roles, however, are still often sought after, and can offer greater stability and ... Read More +
  • The 2022 DICE Salary Report is Here There is no better report to gauge where you are and where you should be in tech than the DICE Salary Report , and it’s finally here. For the 17th consecutive year, DICE has put together our industry’s most comprehensive look at salaries for 2022, perks, hot markets, and trends – none of which you want ... Read More +
  • 4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from Other Job Candidates While the tech market continues to boom for job seekers, positions are not necessarily coming easily. Despite 10 million openings currently in the field, and a continued shortage of good talent, there’s still a lot of competition among qualified candidates.   The rise of remote work has opened up talent fields, prompting candidates from all over to ... Read More +

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The representative I worked with was knowledgeable about the industry and incredibly personable, making every effort to understand what I was looking for and presenting opportunities as they came along. She helped me find an opportunity in a place that had everything I was seeking.

– Mars C., San Diego