River Anders, Technical Recruiter

River comes from a family of entrepreneurs and was taught the importance of hard work and passion at a young age. Working as a server at a fine dining restaurant throughout his college career, he developed an exceptional ability to create personable relationships with clients. He started his career in the IT staffing industry right out of college after realizing that he wanted to build a career in helping others achieve their dreams.

River is inspired by VIA’s dedication to their clients and his mission is to continue their success in building these relationships.


Carlsbad, CA


B.A. in History with a Minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media Studies – University of California, Los Angeles


Connecting with people on a personal level to further understand their goals and help them find success in their endeavors

Favorite Downtime Activities

Going to the gym, surfing, hiking, and relaxing on the beach with friends and family

Favorite San Diego Area Eatery or Bar

Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana in Carlsbad Village

His Words to Live By

“Fortune favors the bold”