Sam Moreau, Account Executive

Sam came to VIA from a residential real estate background. Although he loved meeting new people and helping them find a home, it lacked the personal growth opportunity and the ability to expand his knowledge and expertise in the tech area.

Sam says moving to VIA “ …was the perfect decision for this part of my career. I saw an industry (real estate) developing in a way where more and more people are depending on technologies and not people to help them make their housing decisions. So the natural choice was to follow the technology, immerse myself in a business that is booming, and learn its ins and outs. Recruiting helps me to understand how technology based business work, and the type of people that are effective in each role.”


San Diego, CA


Bachelor of Science in Psychology – National University


With a background in Psychology and Sales, I am able to understand both sides of the recruiting process. For our clients, I am able to look at recruiting from a business perspective making sure the candidates we find are meeting specified criteria, and will be a good fit for the business as a whole. From a candidates perspective, I am here to offer help in times of stress, to guide the candidate from first contact through the interview process, and to make sure they are well prepared when they walk in to their interview. Focusing on both client and candidate happiness is my main focus.

Favorite Downtime Activities

Reading anything from non-fiction to fantasy, Riding my bike, Playing video games, and spending time with my wife.

What You Love To Do When Not Working

I enjoy being outside, especially backpacking, hiking, spear fishing, free diving, Scuba Diving, or anything that has to do with the ocean.

His Words to Live By

“ If you are comfortable you aren’t growing.”