OUR TRENDS, by Natalie Viani
If you are like me, you want to know local trends more than national trends on hiring. So the following is our briefing on what VIA has seen thus far this year on a local basis with our clients in San Diego.venue-san-diego For your reference, VIA has a large presence in small to mid-size companies within San Diego County. These trends do not account for the Fortune 100 companies or anything outside of Tech placements.

  • There has been a good mix between project based work and direct hire placements. We’ve found companies flexible to both many times, and open to our suggestions if we recommend one route over another.
  • There has been a huge focus on mobile development – iOS and Android. We have a consistent req flow needed for these developers across all industries. This has been a strength of ours this year.


  • There has been a good mix of .NET, Java and PHP requirements throughout the year.
  • We have filled numerous DevOps Roles and that has been a big demand throughout the year. It’s been easier to recruit on, with more and more people gaining skills.
  • Talent Acquisition teams continue to grow at companies and bring recruiting in-house; however, with that trend, we have also gained dozens of new clients through the start-up community, which is alive and thriving in San Diego.
  • We have seen a large trend of Bay Area companies open an office in San Diego to build Tech/Development teams due to lower salaries and from what they say, talent is easier to get here.
  • Our company has continued to grow this year despite the 1% or less available talent on the market. The demand is still very high.trends_site_icon_2016
  • Senior Software Engineer salaries are still relatively the same as last year… with an average of $120-135K.

If you have any other questions about the San Diego market place, please contact myself or one of our representatives. We would love to answer any questions you have!

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