While a lot of time and attention is often put into finding the right candidate for a position, it’s important to understand the process of hiring a new team member does not stop there. Every onboarding process requires careful planning and attention; otherwise, you’re at risk of losing a good candidate in less time that it took you to find them.

In order to bypass this, hire VIA Technical to handle employee onboarding for you. If that’s not the path you choose, however, here are some guidelines on how you can streamline your onboarding process and turn new hires into dedicated team members.


  • Don’t wait until the first day to start. Prior to your new hire’s first day, make sure you have all the necessary equipment they will need ready to go, including login information, credentials and email accounts. This will save time and, perhaps more importantly, show your team member that you’ve put in the up-front work necessary to make them feel welcomed and needed.


  • Standardize your onboarding process across all departments. Create a straight-forward, new hire onboarding packet that gets sent to all new hires, regardless of department. This creates clarity in the process and ensures there are no surprises or inconsistencies.


  • Designate one main point of contact for all onboarding questions. Having one point person in the company to answer questions from all new hires will ensure everyone is getting the same information. It also allows that one contact to be the expert in all issues related to onboarding, which helps to reduce any hiccups in the process.


  • Be up front with employees about onboarding requirements. The last thing new hires want on their first day on the job is a surprise of what’s required of them. Whether your company requires an extensive background check or a drug test, make sure that’s communicated well before hand – preferably at the time of an offer.


  • Clarify your requirements to third parties. Make sure you communicate to any third parties what you require of them, especially when you’re conducting background checks. Many times, outside companies can do such a thorough job of performing background checks they hold the process up by providing unnecessary detail or taking too much time. That can be a turnoff for prospective new hires, as time is of the essence.


Regardless of whether you get VIA Technical to handle your onboarding process or if you take the task on yourself, it’s important to view it as an extension of the hiring process and not a separate issue. Doing so ensures you give it the time and attention it merits, and it can help to ensure your employees understand (and connect with) your values and policies.